1.6. Thanks

Uwe Ohse

Corrected a bug concerning the signals, has reported security issues.

Max Heijndijk

Has made the rpm packages.

Gabor Z. Papp

Helped to correct some bugs in installation process and reported various bugs.

Clemens Fischer

Proofread docs, reported bugs, and made some propositions.

Henrique de Moraes Holschuh

Has worked on fcron's integration in Linux Debian system, reported bugs and corrected some of them, made some propositions.

Thomas Whateley

Has done a big part of Solaris port, implemented the fcron.conf file, and Vixie crontab format support.

Guy Geens

Fixed a nasty bug in goto_non_matching() which caused an endless loop (midmonthly jobs executed after the 15th of the month).

Patrick Ohly

Added fcron's option -y, -o and -l, and fcrontab's stdout and volatile, in order to run fcron from time to time in foreground, for instance in a ppp-up script.

Russell Coker

Helped me to secure fcron, make code clearer, and he wrote the patch for SE Linux support.

Alain Portal

Initial French translation of the manual pages.